Other sites

Other sites/pages that I have include:-


I have written a bit of software which others may (?) find useful, it now has its own page.


I am a keen, although not very good (BCF 118 in the 2005/2006 grading list), chess player. I am a member of the Metropolitan Chess Club (in London, England). I also play on various internet chess servers (FICS, ICC etc.) under the handle Sheridan.


I'm currently working in Technical Infrastructure Architecture, working for UBS AG London Office in the IT Infrastructure group. I have a work page, if you're interested.


These pages were produced using The One True Editor, GNU Emacs. A couple of Emacs add-ins that I have written are documented on my software page mentioned above.


Given the ridiculous nature of the UK RIP act (see the FIPR site for more info) I have decided to get my act together and at least equip myself with the mechanism to do decent encryption. I have chosen to use the GPL licensed GPG software for this purpose, and my key is available both here and at PGP key servers. The fingerprint is c2b8 885f a9d4 2f60 01d4 79dc 4947 b299 0925 03fc. Of course, you wouldn't trust that these values on the website haven't been tampered with since I put them here would you? ;-)

"Hard Rock" video by RailgunMLC

A little tongue in cheek (or should that be "cheeks"?) light relief.


I have been a died-in-the-wool atheist, ever since, as a child, I spent some time thinking about how ridiculous it was that my soul could be "saved" as a member of any particular religion, which I would be a member of largely because of where and into which community I was born whereas if I'd been born in another country or community and hence religion, I'd possibly be "eternally damned".

If I was to take up any religion, though, it would definitely be the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster which certainly makes more sense than most of the others.