My internet chess server connection mode for Emacs, ics.el, is described on its own page.

Also included on that page is a plugin for the KDE music player, amaroK, which will feed the currently playing track to ics.el to update the player's finger notes.


I have put together a little script which will open a file in any SCID chess database instance existing on the current display which has spare slots. (In similar fashion to the -remote command line option to netscape). It uses the Tk [send] function to communicate with the SCID interpreter, so is almost certainly specific to Scid running under the X Window System (typically this will be under Unix/Linux systems, although it's possible that it would also work in Scid under cygwin or MacOS X environments). It is developed/tested against SCID 3.6.1. It makes the assumption that the scid executable is in the PATH.

You can download sc_remote.

If you're interested, here is the cvs ChangeLog.

Small Tcl/Tk Utilities

Much of the Tcl/Tk software I have written is linked at my page on my Tcler's Wiki page.



pwdrill is a small Tcl/Tk application which can be used to help choosing and learning a new password. It has a set of rules (currently configurable only within the file itself) - minimum length, minimum number of chars from different classes of characters (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, etc.). It then generates a random password based on this which you can hide or show at will and whilst it is hidden, practice remembering it in the GUI which will keep track of how often you get the password right.


PocketICS, which also has a separate page, is my attempt at writing a chess server interface to run on the PocketPC. N.B. The Tcler's Wiki page referenced above for PocketICS is more up to date at the moment than my own page for it.