What is PocketICS (a.k.a. pICS)?

I've been working on a client for Internet Chess servers such as the ICC (chessclub.com) and FICS (freechess.org) for the PocketPC using Tcl/Tk for Windows/CE.

It is fairly crude at present with a number of known problems (see below).


pICS board screenshot pICS connection screenshot pICS interaction tab screenshot


This code is pretty much alpha quality at present, and is released here only in case anyone is interested in helping to debug/improve it.


PocketICS works (well, almost - see Known Issues below) with the excellent eTcl PocketPC Tcl port. For more information about eTcl, see the eTcl homepage or the eTcl Tcler's Wiki page.

You will also need to have BWidget installed somewhere that eTcl will find it (see the above pages for information on how to do this). I use BWidget version 1.7.

Known Issues


The first alpha version of PocketICS.tcl is available to download.