This web page is a sparse overview only and is fairly infrequently updated. I maintain my LinkedIn profile much more often and would refer you there for the most up-to-date information.

Virtual Clarity

I currently work as a Consultant for Virtual Clarity, a small consultancy specialising in helping enterprise clients transform their infrastructure and processes towards IT as a Service.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I worked within the Rates and Currencies division as Lead Solutions Engineer.

This is a role that sits in-between the application development teams on the one side, and the IT delivery organisation on the other and acts as the interface between them.

The LSE provides high-level design/architecture input, working closely with the Chief Engineers and Subject Matter Experts in the IT delivery organisation to realise the high level design.

One of my major areas of focus has been on improving the resilience of a number of existing application solutions.

Other duties include managing the replacement of declining technologies across the Rates and Currencies application infrastructure estate, in accordance with the Bank's technology strategy.


Prior to this I worked for UBS in their IT Infrastructure section, based in the City of London, UK. I joined initially in 1998 into the systems management engineering team in the Investment Banking Division, moving in 2000 into a technical infrastructure architecture and solutions design role for the Wealth Management Division.

This has involved both hands-on and high-level design over a wide range of technologies, including (but not limited to!)

iTS Trading Systems

My previous role was as technical support manager and consultant for iTS Trading Systems Ltd, a small software house who produced an interest rate derivatives trading system.

Prior to that I did Particle Physics research.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available (.pdf). for further information please email me at: