Correspondence with 'one' railway

Once the total of delay minutes exceeded 480 (i.e. 8 hours, which happened on the 24th November 2006) I wrote to 'one' railway to solicit their comments and answers to a number of questions I had. The letter (with certain personal information blanked out with "X"s) is available here.

On 8th December, I received a letter acknowledging receipt of my letter, promising to get back to me as soon as they can. I will update this section of the site once I receive more.

I received their reply on the 5th January. It addressed most of the questions I asked in my letter - I will include more detail once I get chance to scan the letter. 'one' also included £30 of rail vouchers as a "goodwill gesture".

Delay-repay compensation

'one' railway have replaced the older scheme where season ticket holders were compensated automatically at renewal based on passengers' charter punctuality and reliability targets with their 'Delay Repay' scheme where passengers must claim each individual journey, by post. Only journeys delayed by over 30 minutes are eligible.

The passengers' charter states that journeys delayed by 30-59 minutes will receive at least 50 % of the ticket price whilst journeys delayed by 60 minutes or more will receive 100 % of the appropriate fare. For season ticket holders, the proportionate daily price is used.

To date, the following journeys have qualified for compensation, the amounts I've received so far are detailed in the table.

Date Delay Compensation Received Reason given
2006072455£3problem on a train in front
2006112036£3train failure at shenfield
2007012434£3track problem between brentwood and harold wood (then train taken out of service at stratford due to a fault)
2007032044£3overhead problems between stratford and liverpool st (plus something inaudible. Was standing at Chelmsford until 1843)
2007040230£3no information available to the driver about the delay
2007041986£8(stratford->wtm) overhead line problems at Ingatestone
2007070341£3signal problems due to a lightning strike
2007082232£3person taken ill on a train
2007111432£3points failure in the Chelmsford region
2007120650£3fatality at Chadwell Heath
2007120781£6fire alarm in liverpool st signal box
2008010251£6 (*)overrunning engineering works therefore train terminated at SRA
2008010236£6 (*)overrunning engineering works (standing until CHM)
2008012330£4train cancelled (fault on the train), but only announced when we'd been sitting on it for 20 minutes
2008021436£4earlier fatality at Romford (travelled on 2218 which left before the 2200 which had been delayed on its way in)
2008030639£4obstruction on the line at Marks Tey travelled on delayed 0828 braintree line train (standing to SRA)
2008052890£8major problems at LST. (standing->SRA) underground ->SRA then waiting on a train > 55 mins. No announcement @SRA - just guessed about the train. Confusion all around the station - all announcements seemed to be about shenfield/southend trains, no staff obvious. We also watched several freight trains go through while we waited - some indication of priorities, perhaps?
2008060960-overhead line problem (had to get a lift from Ingatestone and complete the journey by car)
2008061235£4derailed freight train between marks tey and colchester
2008062335£4track problems in the SNF area, lineside fire in SRA area
2008070833£4(standing to CHM) trespassers in CHM area

(*) Compensation for the two days 02/01/2008 and 03/01/2008 was £24. I've counted that as £6 per single journey.

The annual season ticket price (as of 2008) for my journey is £3280, giving a proportionate daily price ('one' calculate a yearly season ticket's compensation based on 260 working days per year) of £12.62. This leads to a figure of £3.15 for a 30-59 minute delay and £6.31 for 60 minutes or more. These would round up to £4 and £7 respectively. Note that the 2007 delays in the above table were based on the 2007 season ticket price of £3120.

For comparison, the entire scheduled journey time for my trains range between 40 and 48 minutes depending on which train I catch.