July 23rd 2007 - the end of a whole year on 'one' railway

The following records the journeys I took on 'one' railway between 24 July 2006 and 23 July 2007.

Overall lateness

Graph of total minutes late against time

The total number of minutes late over 368 journeys was 1168. The punctuality (as defined in the passengers' charter as percentage of trains arriving within five minutes of the advertised time) was 76.6 %, to be compared with 'one' railway's passengers' charter target of 88 %.

Distribution of arrival times

histogram of arrival times
Number of journeys368
On time or early199
1 to 4 minutes late83
5 or more minutes late86
on time (real)54.1 %
on time (passengers charter)76.6 %
Total lateness19 hours 28 mins (i.e. 1168 mins)
Mean minutes late per journey 3 min 10 sec

Out of the 169 journeys that did not arrive on time, only 29 had (on-train, audible) announcements as to what was the cause of the lateness (17.2 % ).